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Carpet Cleaning Presprays






Grime Release Pro


DESCRIPTION:  Grime Release Pro is a premium concentrated prespray and traffic lane cleaner. Powerful emulsifiers lift and suspend grease, oil and soil, rinsing completely leaving no residue and no re‐soiling. Effective on all fibers including olefins and safe for stain resistant residential carpet. Up to 32‐1 dilution delivers cost effective, high quality carpet cleaning.   Grime Release Pro has been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval

INSTRUCTIONS: This is a highly concentrated product. Shake well before using. Mix 4 oz./gal. (1:32) for routine cleaning, 6 oz./gal. (1:21) for heavy soil. Pre‐spray, allow 5 to 15 minutes dwell time, and do not allow to dry. Follow with extraction detergent or acid rinse. HYDROFORCE APPLICATION: for High‐pressure model add 1.5 quarts for 1:32 dilution, 2.5 quarts for 1:21 dilution, to the Hydroforce container, fill with water. Pre‐spray, follow with extraction detergent or acid rinse.

FEATURES:  The pinnacle of pre‐conditioning carpet cleaners  Concentration ‐ 1:32  Penetrates to remove dirt and grease, while rinsing easily  Meets stain‐resistant specifications for safe use  CRI Seal of Approval



CitraZov Powder with De-Zov-All


DESCRIPTION: CitraZov Powder is a super‐strength high pH powder pre‐spray that dissolves quickly and completely and will melt away the toughest carpet soils while imparting a nice citrus scent behind.   At 2oz per gallon you cannot beat the value and with premium ingredients like Percarbonate (Oxygen), Enzyme, D‐limonene, boosted alkalinity (pH 12), and boosted Citrus fragrance it will perform at the highest level .This high alkaline formula will blast off grease and grime without extended dwell time. This will be your go to product for filthy restaurants, apartments, commercial and industrial properties. Also works great on olefin carpets as well as nylon. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Directions: Best results are obtained when mixed with hot water. Mix or shake until powder is fully dissolved. Spray on soiled carpet until evenly damp. Allow to dwell 10‐15 minutes. Do not allow carpet to completely dry before extraction. Extract from carpet using Free Rinse Pro in rinse water, a light acidic rinse agent to neutralize any alkaline residues. Dilution at 2oz per gallon: Pump or Electric Sprayers ‐ 1 scoop (2 ounces) of CitraZov Powder W/De‐Zov‐All per gallon of hot water for most jobs (medium soil). Dilute 2 scoop (4 ounces) of CitraZov Powder W/De‐Zov‐All per gallon of hot water for severe jobs (heavy soil). Hydro‐Force Injection Sprayer ‐ Dilute 8 scoops (16 ounces) of CitraZov POWDER W/ De‐Zov‐All per Hydro‐Force container of warm water. Dilute at 1 to 8 setting. Tile and Grout: 1 scoop (2 ounces) of CitraZov Powder W/De‐Zov‐All per gallon of hot water for light to medium soil. Dilute 2 scoop (4 ounces) of CitraZov Powder W/De‐Zov‐All per gallon of hot water for heavy soil.

FEATURES:  Fortified with Citrus Oil (D‐limonene)  Contains powdered Oxygen to fight stains  Enzyme fortified to attack organic residue  Boosted Citrus fragrance  Works quickly and efficiently  High pH formula is tough on grease  Prevents redepositing of particulates  100% Biodegradable

Carpet Cleaning Fiber Rinses


Free Rinse Pro


DESCRIPTION: One of the most important steps in carpet cleaning is rinsing away detergent and alkali residues after the cleaning process is complete.  To guard against rapid re‐soiling and to leave carpets feeling soft to the touch as well as adding a luxurious sheen, carpets should be rinsed with a solution of Free Rinse Pro. This specialized formula can also be used to prevent browning when highly alkaline cleaning solutions have been used.  Free Rinse Pro is also highly effective as an acid spotter and to clean light colored fringes and edges on rugs or as a urine stain remover. Use this product where zero residue is desired.

INSTRUCTIONS:For use in a truck mount, mix 1 quart into 5 gallons of water, set meter at 2 gallons per hour.  For portable units, mix 1 to 2 ounces per gallon of water.  For use as a spray rinse, mix 4 to 6 ounces per gallon; apply at the rate of 200‐ 500 square feet; rake into carpet.  For urine stains, dilute 6 to 8 ounces per gallon; saturate and allow to dwell for 15 minutes, then extract.

FEATURES:  Removes soil and residue also neutralizes alkalinity  Helps stabilize dyes, inhibits browning and color bleeding  Can be used as a spotter for urine and tannin stains  Pleasant scent, no vinegar odor  Guards against re‐soiling  Leaves carpets feeling soft to the touch

Pet stain and odor removers



Pet StainOff Stain and Odor Remover


DESCRIPTION: Pet Stainoff    is a special blend of bacteria and enzymes that, under proper conditions, will eliminate organic matter and the odors caused by animal waste. This product's bacterial action will digest materials in which are causing odors such as urine, fecal matter, vomit, and other pet related odors. In carpet cleaning, Pet Stainoff can be used as a carpet deodorizer and digestant of organic waste such as urine and fecal matter and odors from many sources. This product quickly works to digest all residues attached to carpet fibers relieving the carpet of stains and odors. Pet Stainoff can be used in conjunction with many types of carpet cleaning equipment and methods. The product can be added directly to the solution tank or used in a pump‐up sprayer. Pet Stainoff works extremely well with hand, bonnet, and extraction cleaning methods.

INSTRUCTIONS: For general odor control spray product directly on malodor and allow the bacterial action to digest the material and odor.  For carpet deodorizing and digesting organic waste, spot clean and vacuum carpet thoroughly. Mix 1/2 to 1 pint of product per gallon of water. Apply with pump or hand sprayer. Keep moist for at least 30 minutes. If used in carpet cleaning equipment, use 1/2 to 1 pint of product to every gallon of mixed solution.  Optimum Conditions ‐ Bacteria in digester perform within a pH range of 6.0 to 9.5 with the optimum pH near 7.5. The addition of strong acid or caustic cleaners will kill the enzyme activity. This product's organic stain and odor digesters formulation are most active at warm temperatures and will retain its activity up to a temperature of 130 F

FEATURES: Eliminates Pet Stains and Odor  Highly concentrated blend of active and adaptive bacteria (1.5 billion bacteria count per ounce)  Digests organic matter and neutralizes malodors  Organic stain and odor digesters are both aerobic and anaerobic

Deodorants with UltraZymes



DESCRIPTION: These formulations are proprietary concentrated blends of malodor counteractants and fragrances designed to deliver maximum odor neutralizing capabilities. These products are designed to work in applications where solvent based products are inappropriate. Add these products directly to the cleaning solution at a ratio of 30:1 for maximum odor control. These products can also be used as a topical spray treatment when applied through a garden type sprayer or hand trigger sprayer. For best results as a topical spray treatment, use these products in an electric ULV fogger for complete deodorization of carpets, fabrics, cars, boats, bathrooms, kitchens, garbage bins, and dumpsters. Each of these deodorant products contains quats for long lasting deodorization power.

INSTRUCTIONS: For use in cleaning solution to control mild odor problems, add 2-4 oz. of product per each gallon of water. For moderate odor problems, add 4-8 oz. of product to cleaning solution. For severe odor problems, add 8-10 oz. of product to cleaning solution. For use as a topical spray treatment, mix product 1:10 with water and apply with a trigger sprayer or electric atomizer. Dilution ratio may require adjustment according to severity of odors

FEATURES:  Provides maximum odor control  Serves as a booster to cleaning solution  Totally biodegradable  Contain natural organic oils  Contain mal odor counteractants

Deodorants with Quat-Plus



DESCRIPTION: Unique combinations of water soluble essential oils, odor neutralizers, and quaternary compounds that work quickly to eliminate foul odors and subdue odor causing bacteria and organisms.  Safe for use wherever complete deodorization is necessary or as a power booster to any cleaning solution.

INSTRUCTIONS: Deodorizing: Apply the product diluted 6 to 12 ounces per gallon of water in a fine mist or spray directly and thoroughly to source of malodor. In all cases, clean‐up and remove all organic material if possible. Ventilate area thoroughly after application of product. Cleaning Solution Additive:  Add 4 to 6 ounces per gallon of water in cleaning, carpet shampoo, carpet extractor, and mopping solutions. Will not affect cleaning ability or detergency of cleaners.  

FEATURES: Pleasant fragrances  Fortified with quaternary compounds  Neutralizes odor, not just a masking agent  Non Staining formula  Freshen up any area  Can be added to Neutral pH detergents

Deodorants with Aromatic Botanicals



DESCRIPTION: This odor control product is water soluble and may be added to cleaning solutions or used as an after‐spray treatment. It is a unique blend of water soluble fragrances designed to provide a light pleasant smell wherever needed.

INSTRUCTIONS: Deodorizing: Apply the product diluted 6 to 12 ounces per gallon of water in a fine mist or spray directly and thoroughly to source of malodor. In all cases, clean‐up and remove all organic material if possible. Ventilate area thoroughly after application of product. Cleaning Solution Additive: Add 4 to 6 ounces per gallon of water in cleaning, carpet shampoo, carpet extractor, and mopping solutions. Will not affect cleaning ability or detergency of cleaners.

FEATURES: Economical Odor Control  Pleasant fragrances  Non Staining formula  Freshen up any area

Carpet Spotters and prespray boosters



De-Zov All!    


DESCRIPTION: De-Zov-All is a safe, citrus solvent-based product for use on all types of surfaces to instantly remove ink, tar, asphalt, gum, wax, grease, soap scum, adhesives, and much more. This unique formulation can also be used in sinks, grease traps, and drains to prevent or remove grease buildup or bad odors from solid waste. This product is specifically designed to be versatile in application and allow for multiple areas of use such as residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. De-Zov-All is completely organic and is a great alternative to harsh solvent cleaners and is environmentally friendly. 

INSTRUCTIONS: This product can be used full strength or used 1 part per 20 parts water. When used undiluted, this product quickly removes gum, wax, asphalt, tar and adhesives. By diluting 1 - 30 it makes a wonderful general-purpose neutral pH cleaner for just about anything including stainless steel, floors and walls. For grease traps and drains pour full strength into opening furthest from street outlet and allow to soak. This product is 100% active, 100% organic and all natural. 

FEATURES: Economical  Highly concentrated  Pleasant Citrus Fragrance  Versatile in application & dilution  Alternative to harsh solvent cleaners  Biodegradable



G - Force Booster


DESCRIPTION: This product is a powerful natural Soy based solvent degreaser and detergent booster package that can improve any cleaning solution. Add to any extraction cleaner or prespray for extra cleaning power for extremely soiled areas especially where grease, soot or food oils are a problem. Contains natural Soy for extra heavy duty cleaning jobs.  

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1-2 oz G-Force per gallon of cleaning solution as a cleaning booster. 

FEATURES: Safe on surfaces not harmed by water • Works well in hard or soft water • Biodegradable • Deodorizing effect





DESCRIPTION:  This product is an industrial strength, water soluble, nonflammable, butyl solvent detergent and degreaser which incorporates advanced concepts in chemical soil removal. It will effectively remove a wide variety of soils common to industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities including accumulations of grease, oil, dirt, soot, smoke, food, and light rust stains. This product handles grease and grime quickly while assuring the removal of buildup not cleaned by normal cleaning procedures. At full strength, this product will strip paint on most surfaces and allow for easy removal. Diluted to proper ratios, this product is safe on most surfaces. 

INSTRUCTIONS:   When cleaning heavy grease and grime from engines, metal, floors or equipment and paint removal is desired, this product should be used at full strength. When cleaning heavy grease and grime from engines, metal, floors or equipment where paint removal is not desired, this product should be first diluted with water. Refer to label for proper dilution ratios. This product may be diluted up to 200-1 for light duty jobs such as cleaning walls and floors, or presoaking parts. When using this product, make sure entire area is covered by water to ensure complete contact with solution.

FEATURES:  • Super concentrated - dilutes 200-1 • Nonflammable • Safe on most metals • Safe on surfaces not harmed by water • Works well in hard or soft water • Biodegradable • USDA Approved



Ink Off


DESCRIPTION: Ink-Off penetrates and removes common ink spots faster and better than other ink removal products.  It can be used on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and hard surfaces.  Ink-Off has a pleasant scent and rinses easily with water.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Use with caution on delicate natural fibers.  Do not use on solvent sensitive surfaces such as some plastics.  Apply directly to ink spot.  Blot with damp towel and extract with water.  Note:  Some inks are permanent.  No product can remove all types of ink...but this product is the best we have found.

FEATURES: Removes stubborn ink spots • Effective on carpet and upholstery • Pleasant scent • Rinses freely with water



Stain Blaster


DESCRIPTION: Red dye stain remover! Stain-Blaster is the premier red dye remover for use on fabrics, carpeting, or clothing. Stain Blaster can be used for treating carpet and fabric for the presence of cranberry juice, Kool Aid, fruit punch, shoe polish, cough syrup, latex paint, many wines, chocolate, dirt, grease, and soft drink stains.

INSTRUCTIONS:  1. Check stain for residue from inferior cleaners-if present, rinse completely before starting. Blot dry if needed. 2. Apply Stain-Blaster directly from bottle to stained area. Allow to dwell for a few seconds before proceeding. Most stains will disappear without further effort. Extract as usual using high quality extraction cleaner. If the stain persists, proceed with heat transfer stain removal method. HEAT TRANSFER METHOD: 1. Fill a normal household steam iron with plain tap water. Set iron at lowest heat setting (that will produce steam.) Note: Higher heat does not speed up the process; it slows it down and sets the stain. Then lay a 100% cotton white towel or washcloth saturated with Stain-Blaster over stained area. 2. Set the preheated iron on top of the towel directly over the stained area. Do not apply pressure. Use the weight of the iron only. Allow iron to sit on towel approximately 20-40 seconds. 3. Apply pressure to handle of iron and hold firmly on towel for about 10 seconds, lift iron and towel, check for transfer, shift iron to clean moist area on towel and repeat as necessary. Note: Use this product in a well-ventilated area. 


Rust Out


DESCRIPTION: An excellent acid cleaner designed for removing rust and stains from fabric or other surfaces. Our mild, nonfuming, multi-acid blend is phosphoric acid based, and can be used for the removal of alkali born rust, scale and lime deposits from iron, steel, and carpet. This product chemically dissolves rust, scale, lime, and is much less toxic and safer to use than hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid based products. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  In most cases it is necessary to use full strength. However, due to its high solids content application can range from 1 to 1 up to 1 to 4. Apply to soiled area with brush or spray and allow to soak 1 to 5 minutes, then flush area with clean water. We also suggest that when using this product or any other acid based product, the area should be neutralized with an alkaline substance after stain disappears. This can be accomplished by using baking soda 1 - 2 tablespoons per cup of water then pour over acid cleaned area. After neutralizing this spot it should be rinsed with warm water to remove all residue. A dip tank method can be used if suitable plastic or rubber lined tank is available. It can be heated up to 125 degrees F. Watch carefully that chemical solution does not attack the fabric being cleaned or destained. Always pretest surface to be cleaned prior to using for any harmful action. 

FEATURES: • Removes mineral deposits, rust stains, and deposits • Works on carpet, fabric and upholstery • Acid based cleaner • Less toxic than other popular hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid products


Booster Powder


DESCRIPTION: An organic oxygen booster powder which is designed to enhance the cleaning power of detergents. This heavily built powder is formulated only for use as a booster additive where the toughest most troublesome problems exist and is not recommended for fine or delicate fabrics. Booster Powder is 100% biodegradable with fast acting cleaning agents and is effective on natural and synthetic fibers. Highly concentrated for use in hotels, motels, schools, homes, hospitals and nursing homes.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Always follow carpet manufacturer’s general cleaning instructions to retain quality of carpet. Cleaning is provided through the use of modified detergents rather than strong alkaline booster compounds. For general cleaning usage (portable machines) use approximately 1‐2 ounces per gallon. For truck mounted equipment or heavier soiled carpets use 4 ounces per load.

FEATURES:  Minimal Foaming  Is designed to act quickly to break down stubborn dirt, grease and oils  Effective and powerful deodorizer  Enhances color brightening    Rinses freely and completely



Chewing Gum Remover


A great all around gum remover.  Also very effective in removing dried candle wax from carpeting.



POGO - Paint, Oil and Grease Remover


DESCRIPTION: An industrial grade spot remover that safely removes paint, grease, gum, shoe polish and other stubborn spots from carpet and upholstery

INSTRUCTIONS: Break up heavy deposits with a bone scraper. Moisten a clean towel with POGO and carefully rub spot and blot dissolved soil.  

FEATURES: • Ready to use - no diluting – water free • Removes many types of soils and stains • Use on carpet, upholstery, fabrics and hard surfaces 



Water Damage restoration sanitizer


Milban 1 2 3     


DESCRIPTION: This product is formulated specifically for use in water damage restoration and for sanitizing carpet against odor‐ causing bacteria.   It is virucidal, fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and their odors. This product is suitable for treating carpet, carpet padding, sub‐floors, drywall, trim and frame lumber, tackless strip and paneling.   This powerful disinfectant also is suitable for use in Category 3 sewer backups and river flooding to treat salvageable materials as well as to decontaminate equipment and tools.  EPA approved instructions for these applications.

INSTRUCTIONS: Disinfection / Virucide: Mix 2 oz per gallon of water to disinfect hard, non‐porous surfaces.  Surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes.  For sanitizing carpet mix 2 oz per gallon of water for portables, 4 oz per gallon of water for rotary machines.  For truck‐mounted equipment mix 24 oz per gallon of water and meter at 4 gallon per hour. For treating porous materials mix 2‐4 oz per gallon of water. For detailed directions on other applications please call Harvard Chemical and request the Master Label.

FEATURES:  Economical ‐ high concentration; dilutes 1:64  Deodorizes as it disinfects  Specific label instructions for restoration  Broad spectrum kill

Carpet cleaning defoamer


Foam Away      


DESCRIPTION: When using many cleaning products, such as detergents, a considerable amount of foam is created. This causes recovery tanks to fill up rapidly and often results in overflowing suds. This overflow often carries soiled water with it, thus soiling and soaking anything around the recovery tank. This product is a liquid silicone emulsion formula for use in the recovery tanks of water extraction cleaning equipment and other equipment utilizing recovery tanks. This product may be used as a general purpose defoamer while cleaning rugs and carpets. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake well before using. Pour 1‐2 ounces of this product into vacuum hoses or you may pour it directly into the solution recovery tank prior to foaming or even after foaming begins. May also be used in a truck‐mounted system. It’s always easier to prevent foam before you start than it is to remove it after it has become a problem. If in doubt as to whether this product is needed, it is always better to use a little beforehand. If this product is exposed to extreme temperature changes it may separate in the container, so for best results please shake well before using. If separation does occur, shaking well will place product back into solution with no damage to active ingredients.   This product works well in portable self‐contained or truck mounted equipment. Once applied to vacuum hose or pickup tank it may take a few minutes for the foam level to drop

FEATURES: Silicon based  Contains corrosion inhibitors  Excellent for industrial applications

Tile and grout cleaners


Tile and Grout Restorer       


DESCRIPTION: Tile and Grout Restorer is a concentrated blend of mild acids, chelating and wetting agents. It is formulated as a non-etching cleaner and degreaser for glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, porcelain tile, Saltillo and quarry tile as well as sanded and unsanded grouts. This product will clean away built up soil, mineral deposits, hard water spots and soap scum and will help whiten and brighten stained and discolored grout. 

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Tile and Grout Restorer can be diluted with up to 3 parts of water depending on surface condition (amount of the soil). Always pretest a small area to determine dilution ratio and procedure and let it dry completely before your evaluation. 2. Apply by brush, mop or sprayer. Be sure to thoroughly wet the surface. 3. Allow to dwell 10-15 minutes. Agitate the surface by scrubbing for best results. Badly soiled surfaces may need a second application. 4. Rinse thoroughly with water and recover the dirty solution. 


Tile Whiz


DESCRIPTION: A heavy duty, high alkaline, tile cleaner and degreaser concentrate. This water-based cleaner is extremely effective in removing grease, oil and soils from glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, saltillo and quarry tile as well as concrete, brick, and porcelain. 

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. For restoration cleaning, mix one part product to 5 parts of water. For moderate to routine cleaning mix one part product with 10-20 parts of water. 2. Apply by brush, mop or sprayer. Be sure to thoroughly wet the surface. 3. Allow to dwell 10-15 minutes. Agitate the surface by scrubbing for best results. Badly soiled surfaces may need a second application. 4. Rinse thoroughly with water and recover the dirty solution. 

FEATURES:   Concentrated: Dilute up to 1-20  Non Flammable  Low foaming for easy recovery  Works well in hard or soft water 

Upholstery Cleaning Chemicals

Upholstery Cleaner


DESCRIPTION:  This modern, controlled suds, formula is designed to act quickly to break down stubborn dirt, grease and oil. It also provides a thorough cleaning combination while leaving a pleasant scent. This liquid, organic, upholstery cleaner is designed to be equally effective in hot or cold water. This biodegradable liquid contains optical brighteners, fast acting cleaning agents, and organic solvents, which are effective on natural and synthetic fibers. It is highly concentrated for effective cleaning in hotels, motels, schools, hospitals, and homes.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Dilute product 10 to 1 and use in a mister employing a trigger sprayer. Lightly mist problem areas and then extract as normal. If any stains persist, spray stained area, brush with a hand brush and then blot with a clean towel. 

FEATURES:   Concentrated / Economical  Heavy Duty Cleaning Power  Works well in hard or soft water  Contains Optical Brighteners



Upholstery Prespray


DESCRIPTION:  Upholstery Prespray is designed to be used in conjunction with extraction cleaning systems in problem areas that resist cleaning. This product acts quickly to emulsify areas of heavy grime, dirt, grease, and oil that may be ground into upholstery. When used prior to extraction it will improve your cleaning power. Special self‐neutralizing formula quickly returns to neutral pH to minimize dye bleed and browning.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Dilute 1 part prespray with 8 parts water. Apply with spray applicator and allow to dwell for 5 minutes. For best results lightly brush or towel rub the fabric. Extract with Upholstery Cleaner or Free Rinse Pro.

FEATURES:   May be used alone as a spotter  When used with extraction cleaning systems, it increases performance  May be used on fabric or upholstery  Concentrated / Economical  Biodegradable  Removes hair and skin oils